Friday, June 3, 2011

Karen- Chew Lips

To start off I'd like to say sorry in advance to all my friends who are in the following pictures that might be embarrassed. Obviously, I'm not that sorry though, otherwise I wouldn't post the pictures at all.

When I first started this blog, I wanted to take a bunch of fahion pics, but you may have noticed that I, well, haven't. So, I've decided to use pictures I've already taken to do this.

You see the person in mid-air? Yeah... that's me. At lunch today, my buds and I decided to try to carry eachother around and, as you can see, suceeded. We took a bunch of pictures, so I thought I would use them to talk fashion.

I'm wearing an old white tee-shirt I had laying around, tucked into a vintage below the knee skirt. My vest is also vintage, and my shoes are from Urban Outfitters (they're called Kork-Ease Ava Sandals, or something). I'm also wearing a vintage clock necklace.

Today's song is- drum roll please- Karen by: Chew Lips (link below)

Gonna go to bed now, so toodloo!

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