Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Growing Out a Pixie Cut

Flashback to 2011. I'm in eighth grade and I want to stand out. I'm not anything like the lulu lemon and crop top-wearing girls at my school and I want to prove that to myself. So what do I do? How do I stand out in a sea of blonde teenage girls just like me? I cut off all of my hair. Duh. 

It was awesome. I felt invigorated. I felt mature. I felt sexy- well, as sexy as a 14 year old can feel. It was just what I needed. I was really lucky that I had (and have) really great self-esteem, because if I was at all self conscious, the lesbian jokes in PE may have gotten to me. But I was in such a good space and so confident with myself and my short hair that I honestly thought that the ignorance of my classmates was hilarious. 

I enjoyed being different and standing out. Being the token short haired girl at my school, but sometimes I missed being able to wake up and have my hair look okay- not having to spend time blow-drying and gelling my hair to look semi-decent. I missed being able to wear baggy tees out and not look like a guy. I missed the freedom of long hair. 

So I began to grow it. I grew it from April to August and it got longer. I don't have documented evidence to back this up, but I assure you that it grew to chin length. The problem was, I had so many layers that my hair still looked like a pixie cut. It was still very "short" hair. And that was discouraging. 

So I gave in. And in mid-August of 2011, I cut my hair again. Even shorter this time. I wanted to look like Agyness Deyn. This time not caring how "un-feminine" I looked. I felt "edgy". 

And I let it grow a bit. Not bothering with trims, simply cutting the duck tail that was forming in the back by myself in the bathroom. 

And I let it grow some more without going to the salon. I continued to trim the tail, and grow the rest. My bangs grew into side bangs and my ear-flaps grew to be face framing layers. 

And by March of 2012, I was ready to go to the salon and get my hair "re-shaped" so it looked more like a bob and less like a pixie. 
I headed into the salon with a photo of Debbie Harry in hand (in her shorter haired phase)
And ended up with this. 

 My bangs were cut straight across my forehead and the body of my hair was leveled out at chin length. This was the base that would grow my hair into mid-length hair. 

Then I let nature take its' course and I let it grow. The next few months were some of the hardest hair months. It was in the awkward phase between chin length hair and shoulder length hair and I didn't like it. I could almost do a pony, but not quite. It was the in-between stage. 

I eventually decided I didn't like bangs and started growing those along with the rest of the length of my hair. 
By summer after freshman year (2012), my bangs were gone and my hair was nearly shoulder length. 
At that point the hard part was over. I was officially done with the pixie. The phase of my life as a "short-haired girl" was dead and gone. 
And as I entered sophomore year, I was ready to take on the world with my new found longer hair. 

That was a year ago. And I've since, bleached my hair, died it blue, died it back to dirty blonde and started and ended dreadlocks. 

I'll skip all that mumbo jumbo however, and just show you my hair now, in July of 2013 as I prepare to enter my junior year of high school- about 2 years after I began my hair growth journey. 

It's getting pretty long and I'm falling in love with it!
 I hope this inspires you to keep growing that hair and not give up!
Peace and Love Always, 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daisies and Darkness

Shirt-VOW, Shorts- Brandy Melville, Shoes- Dr. Martens
             Trying to get back into posting outfit pics. It's just difficult to do it myself. But eventually I shall find a photographer/ friend and I swear my picture quality will improve ten fold. For no, this is what you get. 

             On another note, I'm gong to Santa Barbara this weekend to sail and it's going to be beautiful. Hopefully I can scope out some nice vegan places to eat and maybe some thrift stores. 

I leave you with this wonderful song. Enjoy.